About Frank Sylvis Photography





This is my personal website and blog.  Here I will put some of my work on display, sometimes regularly, and sometimes not so regularly.

I started out really enjoying photography back in the good old days when we used to use film in our SLR’s.  About 5 years ago I got into digital photography and it quickly became a passion as well as a hobby.  I mean, it’s pretty neat not having to send your film out for developing, and then being disappointed when half the roll came back as duds.  Now I can see immediately when a shot is bad, or there’s one that didn’t come out the way I envisioned it.  And not only that, but with all the digital photographic software out there I can really hone how I want an image to look.  Additionally, there are so many photographers out there that I can stay up with my inspiration quotient.  Even so, some shoots are good, and some shoots aren’t.  What digital has taught me is that I have to look at things differently, mostly because what I “see” and what the camera records many times are two different things.  So, stay tuned and we’ll both follow this image adventure.



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