Show coming up

So I know that it has been a long time (6 months) between posts, and this coming year (2015) I hope to be more consistent. Between being sick, holidays and bad weather, I just haven’t gotten out with the camera. Again, I’d like to change that soon.  So, to start off, I am displaying some of my work (animals, birs, insects) at a very cool little coffee shop in Wayne/Devon.  Pour Richards Coffee House.  It is located on Berkeley Avenue, about a quarter of a mile from it’s jucture with Lancaster Avenue/Rt 30.  Please come out for a visit.  And just as a little preview, see the images below.  Reserve your copy now.

Alpaca 12 X 12

Big Turtle 1B

Black Faced Sheep 2

Dragon Fly and a Jewel-1

Hummingbird 2-2

Oakland - Egret in the Lake 1

S F Zoo - Giraffe 1

SF Koala

Who's Your Daddy

Willows - Butterfly 3a

DSC 411 A

Contemplating Life