Optical Promise – Concrete Fence Posts

We had the dogs out for a walk/run the other day to one of our favorite locations: Ithan Elemtary School.  The school is situated on about 35 acres, 10 of which actually contain the school and playgrounds.  The rest of the land is overgrown with trees and shrubs and weeds and whatever.  Plenty of animal life lives in this area.  Fox, deer, rabbits, groundhogs, opossum and racoon abound.  Have to be careful of the fox because our dogs are Maltese and about the size of rabbits.  I saw these concrete fence posts with the sunlight shining on them and thought that they made a good image.  Theses posts are all over Radnor, where we live.  They defined the lines of property lines and field lines of the farms and estates that used to prevalent in our area.  Most of the monied estates are long gone having been swallowed up by the expanding Philly suburbs, but these remain as silent sentries guarding the estates and farms memories.

Ithan Elementary Fence Concrete Line
Ithan Elementary Fence Concrete Line

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