Mexico Vacation

Every year, my wifes employer, CoreMedical Group, takes a group of people, mostly travelers, but also some staff, to a really nice Caribbean resort.  For the past 3 or 4 years that trip has wound up at some special places in one of their may all-inclusive resorts, along the Riviera Maya .  This year we went to el Dorado Royale.  It is a spectacular resort with acres of lush foliage and incredible guest rooms.  the weather was perfect!  Mid to high eighties during the day, and comfortably cool at night.  We had one day of about 2 or 3 hours of rain, and which turned cloudy after the rain.  The next day was back to gorgeous!  We did a lot of walking, and one day, while Robin, my wife, was getting pampered at the on-site spa, I went for a walk along the beach, actually winding up outside of the resort.  The 1st picture was taken at this off-site location looking back the way I had come.  This was the early morning before the rain came in and the sea was a bit rough as the storm was approaching from the East and coming in along the coast and churning things up.   The resort property is ahead of you and slightly to the left.   The 2nd picture is one of the large iguana’s that live on the resort.  There are a lot of them ranging from about 12 inches to upwards of 2 feet, and maybe bigger.  Several of them were growing new tail’s which were orange at the tip of the tail and which were 4 or 6 inches long.  I could get pretty close.  For the most part they were eating flowers, but you can see that their teeth are really rather sharp and though I wasn’t afraid of them as they would move away if I got too close, I still would not want them to decide to take a bite of one of my fingers.  The final picture is taken in Playa del Carmen,  a small town that was offered as one of the off-site tours we could do.  The last time we were here visiting the Riviera Maya, (for Rob and I, 2 years ago) I also took the tour so I could wander around the town, somewhat off of the beaten track, and just shoot.  For some reason I took a lot of shots of little cantina’s this time out.  The last shot was a cantina that I stumbled across and which seemed rather neat and colorful.  These cantina’s seemed to be patronized by mostly locals, as the tourists stayed pretty much to the main drag, which is called, believe it or not, 5th Avenue.  That’s all for now.  I’ll put up some additional Mexico shots again in my next post.


Approaching Storm


One Big Iguana - el Dorado Royale



Mexican Cantina - Playa del Carmen