Another Best in Show

This particular shot I took in San Fran.  Seems like I got a lot of good pictures there.  Well, maybe not so good, but I was able to make things happen with the images I did get, like the “I Need Weed” at the beginning of my posts.  With this particular image I had a premonition, or a vision, if you will of what I wanted it to look like.  So, what I’ll do is include the original shot so you can see what I started out with and what the finished product is.  I try to see things a bit differently, and I’m still learning how to do that.  I get a lot of inspiration from other photographers that have blogs and post on-line.  Several of them say that Black and White is a challenge, but many time the results are very positive.  That’s what I “saw” when I took this shot: A Black and White image.  It came out pretty well with a bit of voo doo processing.   So, the 1st shot is the original, and the 2nd shot is the final print.  Quite a bit different, isn’t it?  Here’s what the judge, Bill Ternay, had to say about the image: “I love the simplicity of this elegant image.  The pattern of the waves: the choice the artist made to place the heron in the asymmetrical place within the composition – all wonderful.”

Just for the record, and with all deference to the judge, it was an Egret, not a Heron.  But, who am I to quibble.


 Egret HC 3 - Show


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