Another Winter Day

I’ve been in a non-shooting mode lately.  Call it the blues or doldrums or lens block.  Whatever it is I just can’t seem to find things that grab my eye to capture.  So, I’ve been doung what a lot of photgraphers do:  Go back and review the catalog.  In doing this I find myself also looking at other photographers blogs for creative inspiration.  One photographer who I’ve been following for a while is Denise Ippolito.  She provides a lot of examples and ideas for me.  Her blog is called “A Creative Adventure”.  It’s here art is a form of algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images, animations, and media. Fractal art developed from the mid-1980s onwards.  She’s quite a remarkable gal.  Please take a look at her work.  One of the programs that she uses is called is a filter called Fractalius.  It really provides some interesting results from shots that just might be ordinary, run-of-mill, snapshots.  I’m going to provide a couple of examples of what I have been doing with this filter.

The first shot is, well, weeds.  I shot these at Merritt Lake in Oakland on our vissit out there with Mariel and Matt, my daughter and son-in-law.  They told us that the Merritt Lake walk is 3 miles long around the perimeter of the lake.  The second shot is rendered with the Fractilius filter.  I’m sure that this shot as is is just fine, but I thought that adding a little creativity to the picture gave it a whole different feel and wound up being something extremely unusual.  Maybe not to everyones taste, but I think that it came out rather neat.  Or at least very different.

Weeds in Oakland - 2

Weeds in Oakland - 2a

Stuck inside Today

We’ve had like our gazillionth snowstorm of the season and my driveway is snowed under and we can’t get out.  Gonna take some time to shovel all the wet, heavy snow off of the driveway.  But during one of my breaks, I thought I’d put up a new post since it’s been a while.  This picture is a fairly recent shot taken at one of my favorite places to shoot: The Willows.  It’s located near my home and with the ever changing conditions and seasons, there is most always something I come away with.  I took this late last week.  It overlooks the now frozen pond, and I got lucky with the setting sun.  I love the colors and the way that the foreground tree has a lot of detail around it, like the bridge to the right, and the little bench in front.

Willows Winter Sunset 



Another Best in Show

This particular shot I took in San Fran.  Seems like I got a lot of good pictures there.  Well, maybe not so good, but I was able to make things happen with the images I did get, like the “I Need Weed” at the beginning of my posts.  With this particular image I had a premonition, or a vision, if you will of what I wanted it to look like.  So, what I’ll do is include the original shot so you can see what I started out with and what the finished product is.  I try to see things a bit differently, and I’m still learning how to do that.  I get a lot of inspiration from other photographers that have blogs and post on-line.  Several of them say that Black and White is a challenge, but many time the results are very positive.  That’s what I “saw” when I took this shot: A Black and White image.  It came out pretty well with a bit of voo doo processing.   So, the 1st shot is the original, and the 2nd shot is the final print.  Quite a bit different, isn’t it?  Here’s what the judge, Bill Ternay, had to say about the image: “I love the simplicity of this elegant image.  The pattern of the waves: the choice the artist made to place the heron in the asymmetrical place within the composition – all wonderful.”

Just for the record, and with all deference to the judge, it was an Egret, not a Heron.  But, who am I to quibble.


 Egret HC 3 - Show