Award Winners

I thought that I’d show you all a few of my award winning images.  the 1st one was taken at an abandoned dairy farm in Monmouth, NJ.  I actually went to this site twice and got some pretty good shots.  The 2nd time I was there the Monmouth Police threw me off the site.  At least they didn’t arrest me.  One of the hazards of my hobby.  This farm was originally tied to the Monmouth State Psychiatric Hospital, now abandoned.  Sure wish I could get in to that site, but it had a guard shack and a chain link fence surrounding the complete site, but not the dairy.  I won a first place with this image.  It looks a little Wyethian to me, and the judge really liked it.  Once again a 3 shot HDR that came out really well, although, it took me several iterations to  come up with the final product.  The window “burned” out th first few times and I had to reprocess at different settings.  I won a first place in the non-professional catagory.

Window and Barrel


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