Continental Distillery – The Break Area

In my last post I said that I enjoy UrbEx, or urban exploration, photography.  There are many things that really turn me on about this.  In the first place, at least for me, it’s photographing old buildings.  Ones that have been abandoned and left to nature to take it’s course.  I have photographed within the oldest farmhouse in Cheltenham Township, in an abandoned psychiatric hospital  and it’s power plant, at an abandoned dairy farm in New Jersey, and here at the abandoned Continental Distillery.  There were about 13 to 15 old buildings on this site, and this was the only one open.  The other buildings were warehouses used to store the product.  In its last days it functioned as strictly a bottleing factory for other distillers, and produced no spirits.  In its early days it distilled whiskey and bourbon mostly. All of the places I have photographed in HDR.  One of these days I’ll show you that process show you have a bit of understanding about what I do.  The machines behind these chairs are capping machines used to put the caps on the bottles.  From what I could find looking around this kinda spooky warehouse, was that in their last days they were bottleing and capping Inver House scotch.  If you look closely you can see caps littering the floor.  There were, literally, thousand of caps that were left behind when the closed up the place.  There are so many stories in these old places, which I love finding out.

 Continental Distillery - The Break Area - LoRes


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